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Per Carlsson, Director AEC Business Unit
Per Carlsson Director AEC Business Unit Phone+46 70 295 33 10


Optimise and improve the quality of design.

Technology is changing the way we design and use buildings, products and infrastructure. Within the next ten years, we are likely to see more change in a shorter time frame than past generations have in their lifetime. This leads to a large number of unforeseen possibilities, but it also brings some challenges. How can you and your business maximise the advantages that these possibilities and challenges bring?


Lean engineering supported by design automation is an ongoing process to optimise and improve the quality of design and shorten the lead time of product development and customer-specific engineering. Symetri’s lean engineering focuses on these main elements:

  • Smart ways of modelling, shortening the engineering lead time and improving the quality of design output
  • Optimising the construction of products and buildings
  • Understanding the user experience
  • Enabling involvement of the customer early in the process


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Per Carlsson,
Per Carlsson Phone+46 70 295 33 10