Software Development Service

Custom-made and competitive solutions within BIM and BLM

Flexible BIM and BLM solutions

Technological advances constantly push the limit of what is possible. To stay competitive, it is important to have the right solution within BIM or BLM to help your team use their time and knowledge as wisely as possible. Your software investment can be maximised and secured through the various software development services we offer.

The benefits of our Software Development Service

Custom-made & flexible solutions
Based on the principles of lean
Enable sustainable savings
Highly efficient software development

Our Software Development Service

Over the years we have developed numerous custom-made solutions within BIM and BLM, and related fields. We focus on custom-made, flexible solutions that address your unique project and time-sensitive requirements. We work based on the principles of lean and provide you with high quality services that enable sustainable savings over the lifecycle of your software solution. We achieve this objective by using a highly efficient software development and delivery approach based on the agile principles.


Per Carlsson
Per Carlsson
Director, Building & Infrastructure

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