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Win more projects with Virtual Design

Gain a competitive advantage in the market with Virtual Design  

With Virtual Design, engineers and architects can work together to create a visual model of a project to present to the client. Integrated models that include information about products to be used in construction and processes to be performed to achieve the final result, can help construction companies win more projects.

At Symetri, we offer three different services within Virtual Design. Click below to read more.

Benefits of Virtual Design

Visualise your project for clients.
Test your designs before production.
Provide a different product experience.
Market your products better.

Years of experience within Virtual Design

We have many years’ experience in the field of Visualisation, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and our specialists can advise you on how Virtual Design can support your business and ensure you make the right investments. A great way to create value for your business and to gain a competitive advantage in your market.


Per Carlsson
Per Carlsson
Director, Building & Infrastructure

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