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Dellner: Significant savings with implementation of the right methods

"We save 200 to 300 hours per year, with all the changes we have done with our offer library".

Says Anna Enochsson, Sales Engineering Manager in Dellner. We talked with her in Design Management Forum, which was held in Stockholm in October 2015, about how Dellner has successfully increased efficiency by implementing the right methods and how Symetri has been involved in this.

In the interview is also involved Torbjörn Rask from Symetri. He has extensive experience in the strengthening and streamlining of processes in several Nordic manufacturing companies. In the interview he also discusses Symetri's Engineering Lean philosophy.


"Dellner is one of our most important customers within the Swedish manufacturing industry. Our role is based on the Lean Engineering philosophy, and we help customers work as efficient and quick as possible. That is what makes this so exciting, there is always room for improving, that is what Lean is all about." 


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