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Hydra-Grene – Boosting competitiveness through new robot intelligence

In close cooperation with Symetri, Hydra-Grene has boosted their production capacity with an increase of 30-45% by investing in a new developed Intelligent Power Production solution based on GibbsCam software.

IPP - Moving human know-how into the machine

In the IPP solution, the robot enters and handles 3 random orders successively preventing the machine to stop at any time.

This is the optimal use of hours of running production without human interference as there is programming on the machine while it is running.


Business Challenge

  • Bottlenecks leading to unwanted downtime and loss of time caused by machine shutdown
  • Lack of technical engineer graduates
  • Too many manual procedures


  • Automation through Intelligent Power Production (IPP) based on GibbsCam
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • BlueCielo Meridian


  • 99% up time
  • Employees allocated to development tasks
  • Automated processes with higher output
  • Increased production capacity


“With the IPP solution, we optimise our production processes and save many manual working hours.”
Peter Larsen, Hydra-Grene"


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