Corporate responsibility

We've partnered with Engineers Without Borders to support their mission of engaging, inspiring and uniting people to build a sustainable future. 

Engineers Without Borders works to address challenges linked to Sustainable Development Goals, around the globe. Through improvements in education, equality, energy, poverty and access to water and sanitation they strive to make a sustainable and long-term impact with the work, for local communities and the Earth as a whole. With this partnership we have a great opportunity to contribute to our society in a way that is closely linked to the expertise we have in our company.

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Solar energy for Community Center in Gashora Village

With the implementation of sola panels to the Community Centre in Gashora Village, Rwanda. The Community Centre has an important role in the community. It is the home for the Covaga Women Cooparative, a kindergarden for local children and a youth centre. The electricity has provided the community with many new opportunities, such as the "Digital Gashora" project that hosts computer learning sessions. 

Engineer to Engineer

Symetri partnered with Engineers Without Borders and Malmö University in the Engineer to Engineer project "Revit for newly arrived engineers". The project was an 8 week Revit-verification-course that consisted of a 4 day Revit structure basic course provided by Symetri made in combination with an examination project at Malmö University that was approved by an University teacher at the Building Engineering program. This resulted in a Symetri course certificate and a diploma from the University that could be used as a reference of knowledge when applying to jobs.

Water Supply Chonyono

The citizens of Chonyonyo, Rukole and the area around have a very stressed water situation. Women and children walk several hours to reach natural water sources and the water is not of good quality. The aim of this project is to supply clean water to the villagers of Chonyonyo and Rukole and also to the Chonyonyo girls secondary school.


Jens Kollserud

Jens Kollserud

Trude Berg

Trude Berg