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How can you benefit from LEAN and improve quality and efficiency?

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Make designing, visualising and selling your custom products as fast and easy as producing standard products. Streamline production or set up data management solutions that improve the efficiency of all your business processes, from the requirements phase to after sales and services. Or why not all of the above – and much more?

At Symetri we enable companies within the manufacturing sector to realise their designs faster, more cost efficiently and with improved quality. One important part of that is identifying areas for improvement. Another one is empowering you with the necessary competences and solutions to transform challenges into opportunities, increase productivity and gain competitive advantage.

Based on the principles of lean, our solutions and services are always built specifically for your business. And to make sure you can maximise the return on your investment we offer tailored training programs and on-site consultancy performed by highly skilled engineers well acquainted with your everyday challenges.

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Free guide – how to become LEAN!

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Optimise every stage of the product lifecycle. Click through the different stages below.

Optimise every stage of the product lifecycle. Click through the different stages below.


A business deal always consists of expectations and commitments. The party who sold the solution knows what they are, but what about everyone else at the company? Do you have an efficient system where the development and production department easily can see whether all the demands to which the seller and buyer have agreed are actually being met?

Here at Symetri, we have excellent solutions to support the entire selling process. With the help of pre-defined templates and processes, you can more easily manage more complex requirement specifications and keep track of the promised delivery times and project costs.


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Engineering and R&D

Designing and developing new products is necessary in order for companies to survive. Increased competition, technical development and changes in the customers’ demands all mean that companies need to improve their products and range of products and services.

Symetri’s Lean Engineering concept offers companies the means of supplying their customers in a smarter and more cost-efficient manner. We provide industry-leading solutions for CAD, PDM and PLM as well as visualisation, calculation and simulation tools.


We get much faster access to the correct information and have no need to type the information more than once. This has cut down inefficient labour and we can use the time saved on development tasks.

Thomas Lidéhn

CAD Manager, SSAB

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Since the production process is often complex and encompasses many parties, having efficient processes is of the utmost importance. By integrating the construction, production and purchasing department, it is possible to secure a continuous information chain and make sure that the affected parties have all the product data available, anytimes and anywhere. That way, you can substantially reduce the time it takes to look for or verify the information, whether it comes to manufacturing drawings, parts lists or assembly instructions.

We at Symetri have the solutions and skills to help you whenever you need to supply products of the highest quality.


Now the drawings produced by the designers are created into the necessary file formats automatically. This reduces the risk of errors significantly. When parts are added to the assembly within Inventor, a bill of material is created to Sovelia automatically.

Tero Kähärä

Product Design Manager, Metos

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Making the sales process more efficient is often necessary when we want to free up time for meeting customers. With the support of sales configurators, sales and construction rules are managed to ensure that the product can be manufactured. The configurator also compile customer-specific requirements and design data in order to automatically create concept drawings and cost estimates. Combined with pre-defined tender content, which only in exceptional cases need to be adjusted, you can drastically reduce the time needed to prepare a quote.

At Symetri, we make sure that you gain access to the solutions and expertise needed to free up more time for sales.


We save about 200-300 hours per year with all the changes we have made to the proposal library, with the sales configurator as the engine.

Anna Enochsson

Sales Engineering Manager, Dellner

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Once the product has been manufactured, it is time for the next phase – delivery. This is not only a matter of making a quick and correct delivery to the customer; it is also about keeping track to see that all the necessary product-related information, such as drawings, service and user manuals, certificates and guarantees, are all included.

Here at Symetri, we have the solutions and the expertise needed in order for you to be able to deliver the highest quality.


We must have a PLM solution with a living structure, including the authorisation procedure, so that we can continue working with the customer's system even when it has left our company.

Per Benkowski


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As the company grows, the capacity and requirements for traceability often becomes one of the most important parts for being able to supply large volumes. How do you go support your customers’ products and systems if you don´t know what was delivered? How do you keep track of refurbishments and changes made to the product on site at the customer’s locations?

Here at Symetri, we have solutions that give you full control over your deliveries and ensure that the structure that is sent out is also fully traceable and updated. The system keeps track of delivery structures and items’ serial numbers, even if items in the structure have been replaced during a service call. This is useful when the customer wants to order spare parts or schedule a service appointment.


In the past, designer or purchaser had to know in which of the server’s folders the latest version of each document could be found. Now they find the items and documents quickly and reliably. For example, all the drawings and part lists, related to main configuration of the product, can be collected by one function

Petteri Tervamäki

Product Development Manager, Arctic Machine

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Free guide – how to become LEAN!

Register your e-mail address and we will send you a free LEAN guide covering six common areas of challenges that most manufacturing companies face.

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