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BIM provides the construction industry with a method of collecting and using information across a construction project.


Contractors increase competitive advantage with VDC project management where BIM and Lean construction is supported by cloud-based solutions. Cloud solutions aim to provide a seamless link between designers, clients and construction professionals.

Cloud solutions and BIM

As construction projects are becoming more complex with many stakeholders and everyone must be informed throughout the building process, it is of great importance to implement efficient processes. The advantage of cloud solutions and BIM is that all project members have access to the same updated information throughout the project meaning planning and performance are synchronised. Everyone can manage and access project data without complex and expensive applications.

Tracking of all issues increase security in the production process (HSE) and gives control of change management, everyone can access the information anywhere – both online and offline. With correct and updated information easily at hand, you get a better control of scheduling, budgeting and cost overview from an early point in the project. It also leads to a more detailed control of equipment delivery and controlled commissioning and handover.


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