The time of paper copies out in the field has passed


Thanks to BIM 360 Field, the whole building site is being digitised and not just the drawing and the model. All the work that so far has been done around the computer screen in the ‘building shed’ is now being moved out to the building site.

In the Facebook server hall project in Luleå, BIM 360 Field helps Bravida deliver in a complex and resourceconsuming project. The server hall covers more than 33,000 m², including 1500 m² of office space with modern design and sustainable materials.

"– Quality is a central factor in a project that is pressed for time, and BIM 360 Field helps us to manage resourceconsuming routines such as internal checks much more efficiently. Access by project owners and project managers has also been a success factor." Mika Sundholm, Project Manager of the Facebook project at Bravida


  • Transparency and access to all data, not just drawings and models, in the ‘Facebook server hall in Luleå’ project


  • BIM 360 Field creates integrated digital information management for all construction-oriented roles out in the field


  • All project information is now stored in just one place
  • The information is accessible by everyone in the project according to needs and role
  • BIM 360 Field helps Bravida keep track of all deliveries in the project

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