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3D laser scanning

Advanced technology that is easy to use.

Laserkeilattu pistepilvi


Flexibility to implement projects by laser scanning

FARO Focus Laser Scanners and Freestyle 3D Scanners provide flexibility in project implementation.
Since laser scanning saves the item as a whole, it also stores a lot of information that may have added value at later stages of design. To check a single valve, you no longer have to go back to the destination, but can only find it by opening the point pilfer file from the design program.
In terms of quality assurance, laser scanning is an unambiguous and undeniable documentary of what has been built or what plans for the environment need to be reconciled.


Symetri offers FARO laser scanners for industry and construction

Symetrin acts as an authorized reseller of FARO laser scanners and point cloud programs in all Nordic countries. FARO's laser cutting machines represent the cutting edge of its field of measurement and operation.
Despite its lightness and small size, the FARO Focus laser brush makers are designed for heavy use in both industrial and construction conditions. -20 ° C to + 55 ° C temperature range combined with IP54 protection rating ensures operation of the equipment also in the north with varying weather conditions. FARO laser scanners are specially designed for mobile work, as well as the size of the air bag that complies with the air bag and the battery capacity that meets international aviation requirements.

Watch the video - FARO Focus S:




Watch the video - FARO Freestyle3D handheld scanner:



In addition to FARO's laser scanners, Symetri provides software for combining (registration) and modeling point clouds.
For Autodesk software users, FARO PointSense tools provide tools for accelerating and simplifying modeling, including Plant 3d, Revit and AutoCAD environments.

Watch the video - FARO PointSense for Revit:



Pointsense Plant 3d gives the ability to create 3D geometry directly on the pointcloud data from the scanner. Creates cylindrical shaped items like pipes were the user to increase the effiency heavily.

Creates also valves,tanks,tie in points and other common items with high quality and effeciency

Watch the video – FARO Pointsense for Plant:


The FARO SCENE program allows you to combine (register) with each other and edit them in the shape required by different design needs. FARO SCENE software supports the export of point clouds, for example. Siemens NX, Vertex, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and Solidworks environments.

 Watch the video - FARO SCENE 7.0 new features:


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