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Mats Persson, Business Unit Manager Project Services
Mats Persson Business Unit Manager Project Services Phone+46 70 603 48 20

BLM - Building Lifecycle Management

We create conditions for our customers to succeed and reach new goals.

Symetri’s BLM solutions (Building Lifecycle Management) are based on an understanding of which processes our customers use to manage data and process information, and the possibilities this offers for the continued development of their daily operations.


With our solutions and services, you can save and manage everything related to your projects and your facility. You can also be safe in the knowledge that your data is saved correctly and is available to all parties with an interest in the project, anywhere and at any time. In other words, you and your company will have better conditions for a more profitable operation during the property’s life cycle: from land development and building plans to purchasing materials, construction work, renovation, service and maintenance, and finally demolition of the building.


Access to building information models (BIM) during the life cycle of the project

We have developed BIMeye to improve data model management. BIMeye includes a number of customised apps to help you and the project group be more efficient, regardless of which BIM or CAD software you use. Everyone in the group has access to all the data during all the project phases, from the initial planning to construction, facility management and maintenance.


Use your data efficiently every day

FM Access is a modern, cloud-based solution for facility management that can handle all types of information, from advanced 3D models to CAD files, scanned drawings and other basic documentation. With FM Access you have access to tools that make it easier to manage your assets and simplify your work from maintenance and operations to rental management, performing measurements and producing presentations, correct basic documents and work orders. In other words, FM Access will help you get more done in less time.


Collect and save data more efficiently

Do you know where all the data about your properties and facilities are saved? In companies where information is easily accessible and of good quality, the processes often work smoothly, which also leads to more efficient decision-making. If you believe that your company could improve the quality of and access to its information, our solutions can help you easily collect and compile all the necessary data from different sources, and change, structure, save and publish them in a controlled way. With the help of 3D laser scanning, you can also improve the quality of your data, and restore missing and unreliable data.


We help you reach your goals

We have helped improve the competitiveness of many companies, and we are convinced that efficiency and quality can always be improved. Our operation is based on clear customer focus and we always work from the individual needs and goals of the customer.

Mats Persson, Business Unit Manager Project Services
Mats Persson Business Unit Manager Project Services Phone+46 70 603 48 20