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CAM - GibbsCAM is designed to simplify the complex.

With this offering, Symetri covers your entire product lifecycle from idea to final product, part or assembly.

GibbsCAM lets you focus on programming your Autodesk® Inventor®, Mechanical Desktop®, and AutoCAD® parts, you do not need to figure out how to read them.

GibbsCAM’s industry-leading ease-of-use ensures that you can actually use its powerful capabilities. And if the part changes, GibbsCAM’s full associativity allows you to easily modify and update your programs with just a couple clicks of the mouse.

GibbsCAM is designed to simplify the complex.

  • It has a modeless, graphical interface that lets the user perform any function at any time, without pursuing an endless hierarchy of menus.
  • Users can quickly jump from toolpath verification to part design or tool definition and back.
  • Icons that reflect shop procedures make operations easy to identify and fast to navigate.
  • These features make learning fast and easy for the new user and highly efficient for the experienced.
  • The user interface is consistent across the product line.

This means that when you add capabilities for new machine types or machining processes, the look and navigation does not change. So programmers and machinists get productive with new modules quickly. GibbsCAM reads all CAD data formats with a streamlined interface for the most common file formats. Its wireframe and solid modelling tools simplify preparation of part models for machining.

Machine Simulation

An extension to GibbsCAM’s integrated Cut Part Rendering visualisation/verification capability, Machine Simulation, uses animated machine tool models to identify any program errors before they cause costly mistakes on the shop floor.

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