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Design Automation

Develop and automate your daily work.

As Your time is valuable, by automating designs, tasks and processes you allow products to be configured easily, customised intelligently and processed quickly. Design automation also allows you to remove the waste from the design processes. 


Design automation also presents an opportunity to increase the resilience of engineering teams by capturing knowledge and experience required for effective succession planning. The product knowledge gained from years of experience cannot easily be passed on to new starters and is often undocumented. By capturing and applying this information in a company’s designs, key design decisions can be automated and mistakes reduced.


Implementing a simple design change without the correct support in place can lead to engineers having to update drawings and documentation, and to perform design checks, which can take hours to complete. This can cause delay to the product innovation and development that companies need as they grow their offering. 



At Symetri we believe that design automation is best achieved when there is a deep understanding of a company’s processes and design techniques. By looking at these areas we are able to advise customers on where and how automation techniques and technologies can be applied to optimise the way our customers work.


Getting the right systems in place can allow your business to maximise the capacity of engineers who face increasingly complex demands on their time. We aim to deliver efficient, accurate proposals, followed by project engineering programmes that are cost-effective and delivered to deadline.


We can support you for example to build engineering configurations, automate design checks, automate drawing creation, BoM export and secondary file format creation. Contact us.


Andreas Näsman, Sales Manager Sweden
Andreas Näsman Sales Manager Sweden Phone+46 31 703 40 05
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