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Plant Engineering

Design and maintain your process plant.

Are you looking for solutions to easily design and maintain your process plant?


Plant engineers are now looking into challenges of productivity effectiveness and at the same time reducing our carbon footprint in order to get a more socially, ecologically and economically sustainable environment. Additional challenges are communication, collaboration and a seamless workflow throughout the process serving all phases from front-end engineering design (FEED), through engineering, equipment suppliers  to construction and maintenance.

At the same time the market is asking for more cost effective solutions for plant design professionals to design, model, and review plant projects.


With our offerings for Plant engineering you can

  • Create and modify P&IDs and 3D piping with consistency between these two
  • Have effective software for coordination of multiple disciplines
  • Easily provide documentation such as bill of materials (BOM), drawings and isometrics and superior handling of object data throughout the project and into the maintenance phase.


In order to get you up and going as fast as possible we provide local industry symbol standards and pipe specs together with enhanced functionality in our own add-on package.  We also help you with specific demands and deliver first class setup and customisation to suit your specific environment.

For the plant maintenance phase we deliver asset management tools as well as handle bidirectional data inheritance to/from existing maintenance systems.


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Andreas Näsman, Sales Manager Sweden
Andreas Näsman Sales Manager Sweden Phone+46 31 703 40 05
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