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Anders Moberg, Director FM Business Unit
Anders Moberg Director FM Business Unit Phone+46 70 597 47 00

Facility Management

Using your data efficiently, every day.

With our Integrated Workplace Management System, IWMS (former Landlord), traditional property management binds together with workplace services, graphical visualization and document management that support business processes in a common solution. All data is available via an easy-to-use interface for all different roles.


Our graphic business support, FM Access, is the new generation graphic information portal for real estate companies that gives full control of the company's building information.


Project communication with INTERAXO ensures that all project members always work in the correct version of documents and drawings and that you get the full control and structure of your construction projects.


With a cloud service for BIM projects, BIMeye, you can plan, manage and coordinate all BIM data around rooms, doors, furnishings and equipment, installations, etc. No CAD programs or knowledge in them are required.



With the digital model and drawing service FM Services, you get the full list and find out all building information in the digital archive, including drawings, BIM models, scanned drawings, building components, technical documentation and documents currently in the project. Today we manage more than 25 million square meters.


Modeling creates a 3D model with building blocks with associated features on walls, doors, windows, etc. This will provide you with an updated, useful and easily accessible property information model filled with relevant information.


With Reality Capture we help you to efficiently take care of and secure all building information and make it available to everyone, whenever and anywhere. At best, we are there from the beginning and take advantage of all information through the property's life cycle so that the flow of information becomes uninterrupted and reliable. If the property is existing, we have technology and knowledge that allows us to recreate the missing or updated information that is out of date.


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Anders Moberg, Director FM Business Unit
Anders Moberg Director FM Business Unit Phone+46 70 597 47 00