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Juha Kanto, Business Development Manager | IoT
Juha Kanto Business Development Manager | IoT Phone+358 40 5606 634

InUse IoT Solution

Make machines and humans interact on the same platform.

InUse IoT solution allows the OEM/producers to implement digital services based on their equipments' data. In concrete terms, we make the machines talk according to several challenges: predictive, preventive and curative maintenance, energy consumption optimisation and changeover assistance.

InUse is a cloud based application and consist of three main components; Share InUse, Studio InUse and Studio InLab.




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InUse Workflow

IoT workflow with InUseRaw data from physical products is harvested into Big Data silo. Using unique Cognitive space, raw data is analysed with machine learning and AI algorithms. InUse Studio is used to transform and combine the data from a physical product into own language and post it into the community using InUse Share portal.









What is InUse knowledge?

InUse knowledge is a collective intelligence that bridges the gap between makers and users of industrial things. This knowledge becomes an asset that companies can commercialize. Companies can build their own collection of Digital Services to address deviation and suggest preventive actions that make sense.


What if your machines could talk? 

With InUse Solution, your product or machine becomes part of the social media and its community, sharing and posting information that makes sense. Machines and humans are interacting on the same platform! You can post, like, dislike, comment and set your favourites to see information what you need.






Symetri is one of the OptimData Business Partners representing ProductInUse solution in Europe.

InUse is already helping leading companies with digital service capabilities such as predictive & curative maintenance, pay per use or energy consumption optimization. 

About OptimData

OptimData is a digital company that takes up the challenges of industry 4.0. It was founded in 2015 by Laurent Couillard and Etienne Droit, who have more than 20 years of experience in software development and international leadership. OptimData has designed an AI application based on data from the industrial internet of things (IoT).

The application provides production machines with a language to interact with their operators by giving them information or suggesting actions to be carried out. The solution’s impacts are multiple: improving machine’s availability, controlling their total cost of operation or augmenting the operators and technicians by a collective intelligence.