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PDM - Data Management

The right solutions and processes for efficient usage and control of the engineering data.

The engineering data is key to product development and production. It is therefore vitally important to have the right solutions and processes that support effective usage and control over the engineering data through the value chain.

Today, many companies struggle with these very common Product Data Management challenges:

  • Efficient management of your engineering files and documents
  • Ensuring that the file names and properties are entered correctly every time
  • Ensuring that all of your engineering data is backed up regularly 
  • Spending a lot of time on repetitive tasks such as:

- Entering properties
- Creating production drawings
- Connecting BOM data to ERP
- Searching for files
- Managing change orders

The benefits of taking control over above areas and successfully implementing a PDM solution

  • More efficiency
  • Better quality
  • Easier to find information
  • Efficient reuse of data
  • Automatic change order management
  • Support for concurrent engineering
  • Automated repetitive tasks
  • Central data storage with automatic and monitored backup

Services and solutions to improve the way you manage engineering data

  • Pre study with need and process analysis - During the Pre study the current processes and needs are discovered in order to find and document areas of possible improvements.
  • Implementation of LEAN PDM solutions - Symetri has a portfolio of Autodesk based and own technology solutions in order to provide bespoke customer solutions. The solution portfolio is developed with LEAN philosophy and based on the actual customer need. Since it is module based it’s possible to implement in different phases.
  • Installation, documentation and PDM implementation - When Symetri is implementing PDM, we use our well proven implementation methodology to secure a controlled and smooth roll out.
  • Methodology and training - In order to support company processes and to use the tools efficient it’s important to train all users in the company specific methodology. Symetri develops, document and maintain customer specific methodology and provide bespoke training.


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Andreas Näsman, Sales Manager Sweden
Andreas Näsman Sales Manager Sweden Phone+46 31 703 40 05
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