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Cadit Inventor

The steel application for Autodesk Inventor that makes life easier.

CaditInventor is the application for those who want to use Inventor Series or Inventor Professional to build steel, sheet or aluminium structures. It also contains tools for modelling pipes.


CaditInventor is the application for those who design and manufacture steel constructions. Besides a complete library from Norsk Stålhåndbok (Norwegian steel handbook), CaditInventor is based on a methodology that will help you from drawing the first piece of steel until the drawings are produced with the correct parts lists and all the necessary production information in place.

CaditInventor is an add-on for Autodesk® Inventor. CaditInventor expands the Inventor toolbox with new and improved tools. CaditInventor makes it easier to model steel and aluminium structures. CaditParts is a component library with quick access to sheet profiles and a whole range of other components.


CaditInventor includes the following features:

  • CaditParts
  • CaditUpdateProperties
  • CaditPropertyEditor
  • MakePartView
  • MakePartDrawings
  • Publish to other formats


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