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FIKSU Geo is designed to integrate geotechnical data with AutoCAD Civil 3D using Finnish standards.

FIKSU Geo is designed to integrate geotechnical data with Civil 3D using Finnish standards. It provides the ability to store imported geotechnical information in the models, promoting wider use of valuable information and strengthening BIM workflows. We can project boreholes to normal Civil 3D profile and section views enabling detailed analysis of design in relation to its underground surroundings. It also provides the ability to create automatically Civil 3D surfaces of the strata found at the site.


Data can be imported from a Finnish standard Inframodel data format. The users can connect directly to FIKSU Geo database and import geotechnical information straight into any Civil 3D model meaning the information is always up-to-date. FIKSU Geo visually illustrates the soil conditions and layers in the model. FIKSU Geo makes geotechnical designing much more comprehensive and intuitive than before.



FIKSU product portfolio includes comprehensive Finnish solutions for infrastructure design and geospatial information management. The solutions are implemented on top of Civil 3D and AutoCAD Map 3D and are based on the needs and wishes from our customers. The applications are developed in close cooperation with the users and particular attention is given to the user-friendliness of the applications.


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Timo Väyrynen,
Timo Väyrynen Phone+35 84 05 40 86 06