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Naviate Power & Process

Get up to Speed Faster with Naviate Power and Process.

Free up more time for the actual design work to construct the process - work in Naviate Power and Process. The program is an addition to AutoCAD P&ID and AutoCAD Plant 3D which helps you to quickly produce the documentation you need. Everything is made to work in an integrated manner through the entire design and manufacturing process.


“Naviate Power & Process contains the building blocks that make Autodesk’s plant products customized for Nordic national standards and requirements, the extra functionality that boost our performance.” Oscar Jacobsson, Manager at the department for plant design at Eurocon.


Naviate Power and Process is based on the ISO standard. These adjustments mean that the job gets done faster, while reducing the risk of error decreases. There is functionality that simplifies the design of pipelines. Design Data for pipelines has been completed so that the data in isometrics are complete.


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About Naviate®

Naviate is a comprehensive product portfolio from Symetri, containing solutions for users of Autodesk Inventor, Revit, Civil 3D, AutoCAD P & ID and AutoCAD Plant 3D.

The solutions are based on requests from our customers and consists of six main elements: Tools (programmed functions), Library (creation of generic or specific content), Configuration (templates and databases), Interaction (exchange of information between platforms and formats), Methods (efficiency of processes) and Community (Forums for handling user queries).