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SOVELIA Configurator

Automate the data flow from Sales to Production.

SOVELIA Configurator solution is supporting data creation of configurable products from Sales to Production supporting both Configure to Order (CTO) and Engineer to Order (ETO) processes. SOVELIA Configurator is also enabling automated creation of configuration based 3D data like mechanical designs, BIM Objects or rendered images for Marketing.


Key functions and features of SOVELIA Configurator

  • Technical product description can be converted into customer’s language, sales options
  • Instant price update according to selected options
  • Easy to use 3D interface guiding you with selections
  • Easy and powerful rule notation allows easy build up and maintenance of the rule base
  • Interface to Sovelia PLM to create configuration specific items and BOMs
  • Integrated with Autodesk Inventor, Revit and 3ds Maxto automate document production
  • 100% web based


Video below will show you how a real example how you work with SOVELIA Configurator.


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