Chaos Desktop

Document Management with CAD module

Deliver the right data at the right time with Chaos Desktop

Stressful in the projects on delivery? Disorganised projects? How do I know that I use the correct templates?
Chaos Desktop represents easy and efficient document and drawing management. The software enables users to efficiently and easily create a basis for delivery. Drawing stamps are updated and drawings are printed automatically. Drawing lists are automatically created in Word. These features reduce the risk of errors, and thereby improve the quality.


Altogether, there are many features that improve the efficiency of the projects:

  • Search - find the right files faster
  • Deliver files to the project site without having to enter metadata again
  • Printing and conversion of files: print DWG files without using AutoCAD, and convert to PDF
  • Create lists.

Chaos Desktop can save email in the project structure so that the email can be searched during the course of the project. When the project is archived, the email is also archived. Emails can be previewed in the viewer.


Chaos Desktop provides:

  • File Management
  • Update stamps in AutoCAD and MicroStation
  • Revit, management of metadata in drawings.
  • Network license, concurrent use
  • Revisions
  • Program starter
  • Save email
  • Document templates
  • Project templates
  • Preview email
  • Batch processing, printing and converting
  • Viewer
  • Lists in Word
  • Printing
  • Document types
  • Conversion
  • Metadata
  • Redlining
  • Versioning
  • ZIP
  • Project handling
  • Document sets


Chaos Desktop with SharePoint

Simplify and improve the efficiency of document and drawing management with Chaos desktop and SharePoint.

  • Check in / check out documents - check out the document, work offline and check it in again at the office.
  • Wizard to create a project in SharePoint - website, document library and columns created.
  • Full support for versioning
  • Metadata types (columns) that are created in SharePoint get the same properties as they have in Chaos desktop
  • Connection to SharePoint 2007, 2010/2013. Connection with sms/text code, BankID and "normal" login.


Tommy Axelsten Stjärngren
Tommy Axelsten Stjärngren
Sales, Building & Infrastructure