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PLM Delivery project

Your return on investment in Symetri’s solution portfolio is guaranteed with an efficient implementation project, based on Lean.

Depending on the size of the project, the solution is typically delivered in one or more phases. In large scale projects done in several phases, the first phase can be utilised as quickly as possible and the investment will start immediately to generate profit. Our project model is developed according to the Agile model, based on regular project meetings with a pre-planned agenda and clear goal.


Solution design and implementation typically are based on prototyping and tasks that are supporting the delivery like customer-specific user material and legacy data import preparation in data management projects. Typically the solution is completed after a few prototype rounds. After verification and end-user training, the system is ready to be used in production environment. Implementation is followed by an active support phase, during which (when necessary) the project is taken to the next phase.


1. Preparation

Business analysis - The business analysis workshop covers the different business processes and the capability to improve the current state by methods of Design Excellence and Data Management. After attending the workshop, the customer will receive a suggested solution roadmap, which will highlight improvement possibilities for each business process and a detailed offer for Symetri’s solutions.


2. Pre-study

In Pre-study we analyse the solution capability to satisfy customer specific needs in detail. Pre-study is typically required to set up fixed price delivery project.

Our pre-study is a practical method to ensure the compatibility of proposed solution to a unique customer’s needs. The study results in a Project Plan and exact estimation of the workload required for implementing the solution.

During the study, we analyse customer requirements and make a plan for accomplishing those and build the solution towards the customer specific needs. Pre-study includes the following main phases:

  • Conceptual analysis
  • Introduction to solution functionality 
  • Template feasibility analysis 
  • Analysis of the existing data 
  • Workload estimations
  • A phased project plan

As an end result, the customer receives a step by step plan and exact estimation of work amounts for solution delivery.

3. Implementation

Return on investment in Symetri’s solutions is guaranteed by an efficient implementation project. The implementation project is based on lean thinking and the larger projects are often implemented in two or more phases to ensure quick payback from the investment.


4. System integration

Our solutions are typically integrated to be part of a company’s existing IT environment. The most typical integration is towards ERP-systems. In the case of SOVELIA ® PLM we provide integration to following CAD systems: Autodesk Manufacturing products family, SolidWorks, Creo, ePlan, and E3 Systems. Naturally, Microsoft Office products integrate as a part of our complete solution.



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